Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rocky Mountain High - Wear sweatpants.

Hiya! It's been along time since my last blog post and I'm sorry for being MIA. I have had some major changes in my life and I've been doing some soul searching lately. It's good to reflect on where you are at in your life and how to better yourself to become a more well rounded person. 

Today's post is about a recent trip I took to Colorado to spend quality time with my best friend Angie. I flew into Denver, CO on her birthday, it was her wonderful husband Justin's idea to have me fly out and surprise her. Justin used black gaff tape to cover the lenses on the sunglasses he had Angie wear while waiting for me at the airport. Angie was definitely surprised to see me but I think we kind of gave it away because Justin informed her that the person that's coming is lost in the airport. Angie has known me since we were fifteen so she knows just how directionally challenged I am. To be fair the Denver airport is freaking confusing! 

When I landed in Denver the flight attendants didn't provide the passengers with the baggage claim number or even where the baggage claim was located. So I did what anyone in my situation would do... I followed anyone who I recognized that was on my flight. I was creepily following this one lady that I knew was on the flight I was. She went down the escalator and was about to get on a tram. I thought to myself "WHAAAATTT?" The only time that I ever took a tram from an airport is in Chicago to go downtown. I knew I wasn't trying to go downtown so I decided not to get on the tram. Justin and I played phone tag for a while trying to figure out how the hell do I get to the baggage claim? Finally I asked one of the attendants working for Southwest and she informed me what my baggage claim number was and that I am suppose to take the tram to baggage claim. Once I finally arrived at the baggage claim area Angie had enough time to think about who she thought would fly out for her birthday and since it took me what felt like around an hour to get my directionally challenged butt to baggage claim she pretty much knew it was me.

I had a funtastic time visiting my full Caucasian sister (a nickname I gave Angie) below are some foodie pics from my trip to Colorado. Beware that the portion sizes are for people who frequent Costco and Sam's club. I suggest wearing sweatpants when visiting these restaurants, they give you more room to grow aka your belly will expand!

The Dark Horse- known for their burgers and Rocky Mountain Oysters aka Bull balls... very chewy.

Getting my half Asian on. Peace Everybody! 

Giant Burger from Jack N Grill. Wowza!

Giant Burger and Sopapilla from Jack n Grill

That's all for now! More Colorado pics to come your way soon!