Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone! So today I bought four bags of candy thinking we would have trick or treaters. I realized after the fact that I live in a gated apartment building where you need a gate code in order to enter the complex. This alone should of made a light bulb switch on in my mind, but no I had a brain fart and now I am left with 4 bags of candy tempting me.
I decided not to dress up this year for Halloween it's a first in a very long time. So since I didn't join in on the very scary festivities I thought it would be nice to reminisce and share with all of you some of my favorite Halloween costumes from the last four years.
     Super Fan:
A couple of years ago I decided to be my most favorite funny chubby guy in the world Chris Farley from the SNL skit Chicago Bears Super Fan. Da Bears! I am a huge Chicago Bears fan so to me this was the best Halloween idea I have had in years! I bought some men's XXL size pants from a thrift store and duck taped one of my large pillows around my midsection so I could party down just the way Chris Farley would have intended it. I threw on some of my Bears gear, a coconut bra, grass skirt and a sexy mustache and was ready to get my chubby on. It was my first Halloween where I dressed up like a dude and a large dude at that. It was also the first year I didn't get hit on because well that would have been weird!
     Chun Li:
I think this is from three years ago... I found a kickass Chun Li  costume from the Street Fighter Video Game on Wal-Mart's (of all places) website. It's was pretty cool to be able to pretend to be Chun Li for a day. She was definitely my favorite character and Street Fighter was one of the few video games I actually enjoyed playing. I also liked that Chun Li had big thighs that are super muscular because I have always had big legs and honestly I don't think there's anything wrong with that. We can't all be stick thin someone has to bring a little variety to the table. :)
I absolutely adore Gizmo from the Gremlins movies. One year my brother Lance's girlfriend at the time helped me sew my Gizmo costume together. She was a big help especially since I didn't own a sewing machine and I am not an exceptional sewer. Creating the Gizmo ears was the hardest part. I remember using a headband, felt, wire from a hanger, furry fabric, super glue and hot glue and tissue paper to stuff the ears. I felt adorably creepy.. what more could you want from a Halloween costume? Don't worry no one fed me after midnight... maybe a beer or two.
If you are a Trueblood fan than you have to remember Lorena. She was Bill Compton's maker before she set him free. I loved all the flashbacks of the two of them and their companionship. A lot of their scenes together were around the era of the roaring twenties. I loved Lorena's look she had around this era she looked like a sophisticated flapper girl with a thirst for blood! My interpretation of her character isn't spot on but it's pretty close. I remember that when I would drink anything that night I had an awful time because of my vampire fangs. By the end of the night I decided to rip my fangs off and to greet the sun just like Godric did. Ha, just kidding about the last part.
     Red Riding hood:
Last year I was Red Riding hood badass style. I had battle wounds from the brutal fight The Big Bad Wolf and I had. I of course was victorious which is why I am displaying the wolf's head in my lovely picnic basket in the pics above. I figured I deserved a souvenir or two.
     Hulk Girl:
Last year I was also Hulk Girl one of the comic book characters from the DC Comic's. We all dressed up as DC Comic's superheroes last year. The Hulk Girl mask took forever to create! I used felt, foam, feathers and super glue... oh and a blank phantom of the opera mask. I remember that I was still working on the mask the day of. I won best costume last year at work (it was a tie but it still counts) so I think that this costume is one of my best ones yet.
Happy Halloween Everyone! Have a spooky night!


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fu Fu Protein Shake

Hi Everyone happy Tuesday. Today's post is about a protein shake I concocted that is pretty delicious. I am a big snack girl and lately I've been trying to find healthier snacks so I'm not over indulging in treats that are just no good for me. I mixed water, chocolate flavored whey protein, 2% milk, strawberries and bananas and a couple ice cubes. I blended it all together and created a fruity yum yum treat! Below are the ingredients and portions for my Fu Fu protein shake.
- 4 oz. water
- Scoop of Chocolate flavor Whey Protein (120 calories/25 g protein)
- 2 Ice Cubes
- Medium Banana (86 calories)
- 1/2 cup strawberries (26 calories)
- 1/2 cup milk (31 calories)
Now Blend!

I hope you guys give this shake a try it's delicious and nutritious!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Sunday Funday

Hi there! Happy Monday, today was the first day of the year that actually felt like fall during the day in Los Angeles. Definitely sweater weather happening and I am oh so excited about it.
I had a wonderful weekend and Sunday was exceptionally wonderful. We watched the NY Giants win there second game of the season (they've been having some issues this season just in case any of you aren't following the NFL). We also went downtown to take a tour of Angel City Brewery and also had some good eats at Wurstk├╝che which has some exotic and delicious sausages I enjoyed the alligator and pork sausage which was YUMMY! Yes with all caps because it's just that good. Below are some pics of our Sunday fun day.
Brian posing for the camera. He likes to make fun of the way girls pose. He's a hoot.
Art work hanging up at Angel City Brewery.


What I wore:
Cardigan - Nordstrom Rack
Top - Target
Necklace - Anthropologie
Tights -  Target
Booties - Amazon/Rampage
Purse - ASOS/New Look Chessie Chain Quilt Tote Bag. here

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

Happy thirsty Thursday folks! Today I had a delicious protein shake mixed with bananas and strawberries. I will post the recipe for this delicious shake tomorrow.
Today's post is about a trip Brian and I took to Sean's Pumpkin Patch in Culver City. I've never picked a pumpkin before at an actual pumpkin picking place I usually just pick one out at a grocery store... I know lame right? Anywho, so when we arrived at the Pumpkin Patch I was confused... I asked my boyfriend "where do we actually pick the pumpkin off the vine?" I didn't realize that you just pick one out off the ground... no vine involved. When I heard this four year old Mae popped in my head and she started shouting "Boo! Stupid Pumpkin Patch man! Oh what's that... I smell taco's!" You could say I was easily distracted from a very young age and still am! ADD? Maybe. I know taco's and pumpkin patch's don't usually go hand in hand but in L.A. there's an excuse for taco's for almost any occasion. Below are some picks of Sean's Pumpkin Patch. Enjoy. :)
Sunglasses: Target
Dress: Urban Outfitters
Vest: Forever21
Purse: Sammy's Dress
Booties: Amazon/Rampage

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Seven Days of Jewels - Day 7

Happy Sunday fun day! I hope everyone is having a funtastic day. I am having a frustrating day. My Chicago Bears lost today (insert butt hurt face here). The Bears starting quarterback is injured and two very important defensive players are also injured. UGH! I'm one angry Bear cub right now! (sigh) Alright I'm going to get it together in5,4,3,2....

Anywho! Today is officially the last day of my Seven Days of Jewels challenge. I mainly did this because I am known to be a sporadic blogger which defeats the purpose of having a blog. I wanted to go with the topic of jewelry because I know that this topic is something I am passionate about. I love costume jewelry and of course I love making handmade jewels as well. For the last post for my Seven Days of Jewels I am going with yesterdays theme of earrings. I noticed that I don't really have any studs or a wide variety of different earring types in my collection. Below I created a collage of earrings I have found online that is definitely apart of my wishlist. 

Earring list:

Anthropologie: Tonique Dagger Drops $178
Emma Stine: Enameled Foxy Buttons with Crystal Nose $34
Betsey Johnson: Imperial Rose Heart Earring Purple $30
Stella and Dot: Serenity Small Stone Drops $34

There you have it! My latest list of lovely earrings that I wouldn't mind adding to my plethora of jewelry. More posts to come next week. 


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Seven Days of Jewels - Day 6

Happy Saturday Everyone! I hope all of you are having a fun yet relaxing day. So far Brian and I went thrift store shopping and I found a shelf to store all of my handbags on. It was a pretty good deal and it is a prefect fit in my tiny room where I hardly have any extra space for more furniture. We also went to Sean's Pumpkin Patch in Culver City. I picked a cute white pumpkin but I was a little overwhelmed since I've never actually went pumpkin picking before. I usually pick one up at the grocery store so I was being a bit of a sissy who didn't want to get her white baby doll dress dirty. I know I'm a prissy girl!
This is day 6 of my Seven Days of Jewels. I picked the topic of earrings for today even though I hardly ever where them. Earrings use to be my favorite piece of jewelry but once I started going to school for sound engineering they became more of my worse enemy. Trying to wear earrings while you have a pair of headphones on is pointless, painful and dumb. I still tried wearing them once or twice and immediately took them off and felt like I was having an airhead moment. Even once I was finished with school I still stayed away from earrings I guess it was a force of habit. I only have a few earrings in my jewelry collection. Below you will find three pairs of earrings that I do adore and would love to wear out and about if I ever remember to wear them.
Earrings list:
Left: Forever 21
Middle: Carson Pirie Scott/Liz Claiborne
Right: Nordstrom Rack
As you can tell I really like chandelier earrings and these three pieces aren't heavy so they don't weigh my earlobe down. Thank goodness! More jewelry posts to come your way tomorrow.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Seven Days of Jewels - Day 5

Hello! Happy TGIF! Yay, for Friday! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day and is ready for the weekend. I have been in the middle of organizing my closet and well... my entire room. Once it's all situated the way that I like I will post all about it!
Today's post is dedicated to some of my favorite handmade bracelets I designed and created. I love beaded stretch bracelets and I also really love turquoise. Below are some pictures of some of my favorite bracelets I've made. As always I would love feedback so please don't hesitate to leave me a comment.
I hope you guys like these bracelets! I don't have these items posted on my etsy account but if any of these items are must haves I can always provide similar pieces to sell at my etsy store Made with love be Mae. Until tomorrow everyone, have a funtastic Friday!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Seven Days of Jewels - Day 4

Happy thirsty Thursday everyone! I enjoyed a nice hot cup of coffee with a splash of 2% milk this morning, yum! I'm very excited that we are getting closer and closer to the weekend! Woot, Woot!

Continuing on with the theme of the week today's post is about some of my favorite homemade jewelry I created and designed which I am selling on my etsy account.
 The link for my shop is any feedback about my etsy account would be really appreciated.

From left: Bead-tastic in gold, Beach Babe & The Boho Babe in Turquoise.

From left: Coral Candy & The gem of all gems.

I hope you guys liked some of my favorite items I am selling on my etsy account Made with love by Mae. If you would like to purchase one of my handmade gems please click on the link I provided above which will lead you to my etsy account.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Seven Days of Jewels - Day 3

Hi All! Happy hump day! I hope everyone had a lovely Wednesday. I'm still waiting for West L.A. to kick into fall completely. The weather was in the mid 80's today. I know I shouldn't complain but I just really want fall to officially be here instead of one nice fall day and the rest of the week filled with summer/spring days. It's football season therefore my Chicago Bears hoodies need to be worn proudly instead of me looking like a hot mess, all sweaty from wearing hoodies and long sleeves while the weather is in the 80's. Come on fall get here!
Anywho, enough with my white girl rant (I can say this because I'm half Caucasian, it's my right as a half breed) today's post is carrying on with the theme of this week all posts dedicated to my love of jewelry. Below you will find some of my most recent hand made creations. I hope you all dig my new pieces.
Ball & Chain.

Death by Neon.

Last pearl on the string.

Peace out summertime.

Ellie the Elephant.

All of these items have been designed and created with my own two hands. Tomorrow I will be posting about a few items that are located on my etsy site called Made with love by Mae. Please let me know if you guys like any of my handmade items from this post. They are not posted on my etsy account just yet but if I receive any feedback about what items are more appealing I will make sure to place the most popular items on my etsy account.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Seven Days of Jewels - Day 2

Happy Tuesday Everyone! As I mentioned yesterday this week I will be posting all about jewelry. In today's post I will be displaying some of my favorite pieces from my own personal collection. Below you will find four of my favorite statement necklaces that I own.
I found this pretty piece at Forever 21. I like wearing this piece with pretty girly girl and preppy outfits.
I found this bold necklace at ASOS here's the link. This oh so badass necklace is called ASOS Pretty Tough Necklace. I love that it looks kind of gangsta but really cute and sparkly at the same time. I like wearing stripe t-shirts with this piece. It's such a bold and over the top piece that can bling up any ordinary top. It's bedazzling for grown ups!
This piece I found at Fashion Q. I love the light blue colors and I love that it looks like an updated modern choker. I think that this necklace would look great with a plain gray top, boyfriend jeans and nude pumps. This necklace makes casual looks a bit more interesting.


This lovely item I found at Fashion Q. I love the color combination it reminds me of fall my favorite time of the year! I would pair this necklace with a plain fitted t-shirt, dark wash skinnies, high heel camel sandals and a brown leather jacket.
That's all I have for today. More pretty jewels to come for tomorrow!


Monday, October 14, 2013

Seven Days of Jewels

Hi Everyone, hope you all had a great weekend. I had a fantastic weekend, I went to my first ever Haunted House! We took a trip to Pomona and  went to Rob Zombie's Great American Nightmare. I was very jumpy and I might of ran away from a couple of the creatures that were lurking around looking for scaredy cat victims just like me! Even though I don't have anything to compare it to since it was my first ever haunted house experience it was pretty darn good! They also had really delicious chicken kabobs (I know oh so random). If you live around the SO CAL area I would definitely recommend taking a trip to Pomona to check it out. I don't recommend taking your kids though especially if  your kiddo's are under the age of thirteen. If any of you have ever watched any of Rob Zombies movies you know that there often is horror and a lot of raunchiness. So don't expect Rob Zombie's Great American Nightmare to be anything less than one of his Rated-R movies.
Now onto a completely different subject! This week I am going to be posting all about my love for jewelry! For the next seven days I am going to be posting pics of online jewelry finds that I love, jewelry that I own and adore and some of my homemade pieces as well. Today I will start off day one with some pieces that I am obsessing over online. I love statement pieces especially bold necklaces and bracelets. Below are a few of the items that I wish I could add to my own collection.

All of these items can be found on  From left: Jewel's Paradise Blue Rhinestone Necklace, A Twist of the Wrist Gold Bracelet & Gleaming Gumdrops Orange and Black Rhinestone Necklace. Price ranges for these item's range from $15-$18. Such great pieces without breaking the bank! I love, love, love these pieces!

All of these jewels can be found on From left: Rivierra Necklace in Verdent Shimmer, Crystal Lilly Bracelet in Turquoise & Diana Crystal Necklace Set. The price ranges for these gorgeous gems are from $38-$68. A little more pricey but beautiful pieces none the less. I think these pieces would be great paired up with a LBD. Just the right amount of sparkle to turn any ordinary outfit into something unique and oh so shiny!
I hope you ladies enjoyed my jewelry picks. I will be posting more jewelry fun tomorrow!