Friday, March 29, 2013

Out and About

Hi friends, Happy fun filled Friday! Or it can also be fend for yourself Friday which is what I told one of my co-workers when he asked if I was going to Starbucks this morning. Now I know that was a tad bit mean but what can I say I'm not a morning person. 

Today's post is an outfit post. It's an outfit I wore recently to run errands and grab some lunch for my babe and me. It's pretty much one of my favorite ways to dress when I'm just running around town getting things done.. you know lady things. Below are some pics of the outfit. I hope ya'll enjoy it and let me know what ya think. 

Chambray Shirt: Zara, Bandeau: Urban Outfitters, Tank: Target, Tights: Cotton On, Purse: Unique LA Event, Boots: Gift

Necklace & Bracelets: Homemade by ME!

Well that's that. More posts coming your way very soon!


Thursday, March 28, 2013

80's Prom Night

Hi friends, happy thirsty Thursday! I hope everyone had a productive and stress free work week. I am very happy that tomorrow is Friday and I'm sure most of you will agree with me when I say TGIF! Speaking of TGIF I kind of miss it. Family Matters was definetly my favorite show followed by Full House as my second favorite.

Anywho, it's totally like me to ramble on about random things before getting to the topic at hand. Today's blog is about a fun night out on the town my babe and some of his pals and I had recently. We went to the House of Blues for their 80's Prom Night they were hosting at their West Hollywood location. It was a fun night but kind of hilarious. When we showed up in our 80's gear we were greeted by a room of people staring at us like we were crazy. Most people were not dressed up and the other half kind of well... half ass it. We literally looked like we were straight from the 80's we literally brought the 80's to the party. Without us their would have been no party... well at least not a 1980's party. Despite the awkward entrance we ended up having a good time and everyone really liked our outfits and took pics of all of us and took pics with us. It was like we were famous or something. We kind of were big deals that night! Anywho below are some pics from our night on the town 80's style!

Brian: Miami Vice hunk Me: Metallica Chick

Well that's all she wrote... literally! bahahha!
 I hope you guys had a totally fantaboulous time checking out my bitchin 80's pics. Until next time later days homefry's!


Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Patty's

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a very happy St. Patty's day. 

To celebrate the holiday I created a St. Patty's day t-shirt with a little twist. I know we have all seen the typical St. Patrick's day shirt that usually says "Kiss Me I'm Irish." I thought I would take that saying and run with it by making it my own.  I come from a mixed background, on my fathers side my Grandma was Irish and my Grandfather was English. On my mothers side my Grandmother is Japanese and Filipiniana and my Grandfather came from Madrid Spain. So I figured I would just put it all out there and say "KISS ME I'M SPANISH, FILIPINIANA, JAPANESE, ENGLISH... OH, OH YEAH! & IRISH!"I mean in order for my to be completely honest there's more than one reason to kiss me. Ha, Ha! I'm just kidding! 

Below are some pics of the outfit I wore on Saint Partick's day.

T-shirt: Homemade, Purse: Can't remember the store name but somewhere on Melrose, Skirt: American Apparel,          Socks: Old Navy, Shoes: Journey, Bracelets: Handmade by ME! 

Well that's that! Hope you like my one of a kind St. Patty's day t-shirt! More posts to come your way soon! Thanks for stopping by!


Saturday, March 16, 2013

How does a leopard change its spots?

Hello everyone, happy weekend! It was so nice to sleep in this morning and just let me body rest and refresh. My weekend plans are to run errands, make white queso dip, watch the UFC fights and of course celebrate St. Patty's day.

Today's blog post is all about a great deal I snagged on Amazon. I found a fantastic leopard scarf for less than $5.00 plus it also came with free shipping. Oh yeah! I'm a sucker for free shipping. Below are some pics of the outfit I wore with my fancy new leopard scarf. 

This is my Jesus pose.  

Scarf: Amazon, Ring on left: Nordstrom Rack, Ring on right: LuLus, Bracelet: H&M

Top: Urban Outfitters (online only), Jeans: Hardware, Shoes: Nine West

Well that's all for now. Thanks for stopping by! Oh and one more thing... how does a leopard change its spots? When it gets tired of one spot it moves to another. A small dose of some big kitty humor. Gotta love those big cats!


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Comfy & Casual

Hi folks, happy hump day! The work week is half way over and it's almost St. Patty's day! I just finished my St. Patty's day shirt tonight, I'm very excited to wear it out and show off my Irish pride. Yeah, I know I'm kind of a nerd. Aynwho...

Tonight's post is an outfit post. It's a casual outfit I wore recently on a relaxing Sunday afternoon. This sweater is just as comfy and cozy as it looks. Take a look at the pics below and let me know what you think. Enjoy. ☺

Ring: Aldo, Necklace: Homemade by ME!

Sweater: Ebay, Purse: Urban Outfitters, Tank: F21, Jeans: BDG/Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Steve Madden/Macy's

Well that's all for now, hope you guys enjoyed this post. More to come your way soon.  Thanks for stopping by.


Monday, March 11, 2013

Traveling back in time

Hi Folks, happy Monday or Grump day. Today especially seemed to be the most grumpy of all Monday's for me. I just couldn't seem to get out of my funk. I didn't want to get out of bed (but that's most mornings) and not even my vanilla latte could cheer me up. Which is nuts because fru fru coffee always seems to do the trick. Well enough with me being all MAEgative even with my funk at work today I still managed to have a nice relaxing night. I started making my St. Patty's day shirt tonight and it's looking pretty spectacular. More on that to come once the project is complete. 

Today's post is an outfit post. This post brings me back to a much more simpler but more dramatic time in my life. When I was thirteen I was obsessed with Metallica. When all the girls were deciding on if they were N'SYNC or Backstreet Boys fans I was all about Metallica. The strange this was that I wasn't a stereo typical metal head. I didn't listen to a lot of metal bands just Metallica. I liked R&B, Pop and other rock bands but Metallica was my favorite band and really the only metal band I listened to. Below are the pics of an outfit I wore to work recently. I proudly was sporting my Metallica Master of Puppets shirt thinking about how excited thirteen year old Mae would of been if she owned this shirt. All I could ever find at hot topic when I was a kid were XL t-shirts that I swam in. I still would rock the shirts every chance I could get way back when but wished I could just find a Metallica shirt that actually fit me. So here's to me at thirteen and may I never get too old or too serious. May I every now and again let the teenage girl I once was make decisions for me from time to time... hopefully they wont be life altering!

Just in case you're wondering yes, I do realize I'm pretty f-bomb white for a Cali girl.

Ring (left): F21, Ring (right): Express, Bracelet: Old

Button up: F21, T-shirt: Amazon, Skirt: ASOS, Boots: Go Jane

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Someone said you sound like an Owl. (Who)

Happy Sunday Funday! I hope everyone is having a funtastic weekend. I'm having a pretty relaxing and productive weekend thus far. I ran a lot of errands yesterday, watched a movie with my Babe and caught up on my beauty rest this morning. Oh how I love sleeping in on the weekends.

Today's post is an outfit post. It's all about this outfit I wore recently to work. My brother bought this dress covered in owls as a gift two Christmases ago that I absolutely adore. I still wear it and it still looks as good as new. Below are the pics of my adorable owl outfit. Enjoy.

Dress: Lauren's Closet, Cardigan: F21, Belt: Nordstrom, Shoes: Steve Madden/Macy's

Ring: Fashion Q, Bracelets: Handmade by ME! 

That's all folks! More posts to come your way next week. Until next time thanks for stopping by!


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Oh so simple yet oh so sweet.

Happy Thursday! I know I've been MIA for over a month now things have been a bit hectic at work. Now that things are back to normal I have time to catch up on some posts I've been excited to put on paper or in this case on the Internet. ☺

Tonight's post is an outfit post. I usually like to wear a lot of patterns and bold bright colors but every now and then I like to wear neutral colors and more simpler pieces. It's nice to try something new. Sometimes simple can be oh so chic. Here's a few pics of an outfit I wore out on the town recently. So sit back and enjoy.

Necklace: Homemade by me.
Top: Express, Jeans: BDG cigarette jeans/Urban Outfitters, Shoes:Kathy Jean

That's all for now. More blog posts coming very soon. 
Thanks for stopping by.