Friday, June 6, 2014

Friendship Celebration Collection - Made with love by Mae/Etsy

Greetings internet land! I know that I said I would do my best to keep up with my blog posts and well... I have been missing in action for a good while now. I was determined to be a more active blogger and of course once I decide to stick to my goal what happens? Ah yes, my laptop decides to act like a jerk and I had to send it out to get repaired for over a week. Shortly after that I of course get swept up with moving and of course once I finished moving I got sick! Oh life, I love you but man do you ruin my blogging dreams (white people problems). I got jokes!

Any who, for today's post I wanted to share with all of you some new items I have for sale at my Etsy
shop, Made with love by Mae. I have a new collection called Friendship Celebration. It's inspired by the traditional friendship bracelet but I have revamped it by mixing in different materials and by creating the friendship bracelet look into a necklace. I wanted to create something that symbolized friendship but with a more grown up twist. Why not celebrate a bond you may have amongst you and you're gal pals but without it screaming pig tails, summer camp and s'mores. Well, maybe s'mores. Scroll down to check out the three variations I recently created. To purchase any of the items on this post please click on this link. Made with love by Mae/Etsy

Gem Out Friendship necklace

This necklace is great for the summer. Such a fun and colorful necklace that will jazz up any ordinary outfit. Great for casual days, beach days, brunch, hippie looks and boho flare. Fantastic necklace for just about any summer occasion. $25

Layered in Friendship

This adorably chic layered necklace is perfect from day to night. Spice up any ordinary t-shirt by adding this necklace to give it a little extra boom! Dyn- o-mite! Why yes I did just quote Jimmie Walker from Good Times. $30

Friends until the end

This necklace is oh so cute and oh so sweet! Don't be fooled this necklace is not made out of sour punch ropes and jaw breakers but it sure looks good enough to eat. This necklace is just enough mix of cuteness and bad ass...ness. $25

Here's one more look at my Friendship Celebration Collection.

If you are interested in any of these items please click on the link below to purchase!
Made with love by Mae/Etsy