Monday, August 13, 2012


Happy Monday! I hope you all had a FUNtastic weekend and are alert and ready for the work week. I for one am still a bit sleepy and needing to recover from the insane heat that we had over the weekend.

 This little dude knows how I feel.

On a completely new topic I wanted to share with all of you my top five items on my birthday list. Woot, Woot! Although my birthday isn't until September 23rd but if you read one of my earlier posts called Money Saving Challenge you might remember that I am not allowed to shop for myself until November. I figured why not pick out some gifts that my family might want to buy me since I am not allowed to spend a dime on myself.

Item #1

Monsters of the Midway T-shirt

 I absolutely adore this shirt. I am a huge Chicago Bears fan and this shirt is both adorable and totally bad ass! I would love to rock out in this t-shirt every Sunday. I love the vintage feel and it looks super soft & cozy.

Item # 2

Vintage Zip-up hoodie

I love, love this hoodie! It looks warm & comfy. I love the blue and white stripes on the sleeves, I also love the Vintage lettering. I am a big fan of zip up hoodies I find them to be perfect for SO CAL weather. 

Item #3

Steve Madden handbag
This bag is perfect for me. It's large enough for me to use for work and the color will go great for the fall... Even though our fall isn't until November and it's still more like upper 70's and 80's as far as the weather is concern but still it's great for fall! It's simple but chic. It has some cute little extras but for the most part it is practical which is what I go for during the work week. 

Item #4

Brother Sewing Machine

 This sewing machine is great for beginners. It allows you to do all of the normal sewing projects such as making pillows, pillow cases, curtains and much more. It has also been given pretty decent reviews and is very affordable. 

Item #5 

Cowboy Booties - LuLus

I stinking love these! Oh man, I wish I found these before I bought my cowboy boots last year. These are way cuter than mine. I would wear these with so many different outfits. I would probably even wear them in my sleep.

So there ya go! That's my top 5 items on birthday list. Even if I receive just one of the items off my list I would be pretty ecstatic. Have a wonderful day everyone! Until next time.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fun before the Wedding

My sister and her husband Phil decided to get married at Disneyland (Anaheim) CA. Mainly because since they were parents before they got married they thought the kids would love it there and their family loves Disney. Below are some moments I captured the night before the big day at the Disney Hotel and Downtown Disney.

The room I stayed in with my sister and my niece. - Disney Hotel

Only at Disneyland... and probably Disney World too.

Minnie & Mickey - Downtown Disney

Real life fireworks. - Downtown Disney

Wedding Prep

For my sisters wedding I decided to put together one of those made of honor emergency kits. Instead of purchasing one online I put one together myself with things that I felt were items we would definitely need. Below are the items I provided for the wedding party... well at least the brides side.

Here are all the items I felt we may need for my sisters big day.

Keep calm and take a chill pill.

So our french mani pedi's wouldn't get ruin.

The bags labeled accordingly.

Feed me!

Don't panic! We can fix it!

Keep that dress up lady this is a classy event!

Food! Fix Me! Pretty self explanatory.

Keeping it clean ladies. 

Gotta look good.

So fresh, so clean!

All placed in a lovely Mickey bag. Perfect for her Disney theme wedding.

WHAT WE ACTUALLY USED: We had a lot of items left over. The items that we actually are Advil, cliff bars, mints, almonds, needle (to poke an extra hole in our shoes). deodorant, scissors, safety pins and lotion.

WHAT I FORGOT TO PURCHASE: baby powder (my sister needed this so she wouldn't sweat in between her lady lumps). More cliff bars and almonds. I bought a box of cliff bars and a box of almonds but apparently we needed more since I didn't get anyone... bummer. 


Hello! Happy Wednesday aka hump day! Whoop, Whoop!

Anywho, today I am going to share with all of you the goodie bags I made for my sisters bachelorette party. The theme of the party was entitled Princesses & Penises (very classy). I had a lot of fun shopping for the gifts and putting the bags together but since my sister wanted twenty of her closes girlfriends to attend around bag number 10 I was pretty pooped. I think the next time I am made of honor I will invite a friend to help me put together all the party gifts.

Princess goodie bags for perverted grown up lady folks.

Close up of the gift bag label. Pretty sexy, eh?

Since I had to provide 20 ladies with gift bags I knew I had to do some bargain shopping. I went to the 99 cent store and boy was I glad I did that. I was able to find princess crowns, fairy wands, disney princess stickers and pens, gift bags, ribbon, tissue paper etc. I spend forty dollars and received four bags worth of items. Pretty sweet deal. I also went to the Pleasure Chest for all of the penis supplies (hehehehe). I went to Party City for special items for the bachelorette. I also bought purple candies there (my sisters favorite color is purple).

Here are some of the items that I placed in each guests goodie bag.

The greeting I placed in all of the goodie bags. 

Close up of some of the gifts.

For my sisters gift bag I went a bit overboard. I only have one sister so I wanted her night to be extra special especially since she's a mom who has kids around the ages of fourtean- three years old. She doesn't have much time to herself so I wanted her to feel beyond loved.

Items found in my sisters goodie bag... No I did not buy the whole store... I bought three stores. Bahahaha!

 Close up of some of the items.

My sisters sweet Elton John glasses.

Queen for a day. 

Rainbow penis candies! Every girls dream. hehehe... just kidding.

The Lady of the hour's giant gift bag. BOOM!

Why yes that is a ribbon decorated in a variety of lady shoes. I think I should be nominated for the sister of the year award.

My sister and the ladies of LIPS (drag queen show in San Diego) the night of her bachelorette party.