Thursday, May 24, 2012


Hi everyone happy THIRSTY THURSDAY! I would like to share with all of you one of the things that I love about Los Angeles which is our museums! There's something special about spending the afternoon looking at art and historical pieces that have left a major impression on our society. I feel kind of privileged when I get to gaze in wonder at a Monet Painting or be in the presence of beautiful hand crafted pieces that were made for the royal family. My two favorite museums in LA are The Getty (Santa Monica) and the LACMA. Below are some pictures I've taken during my trips to the Getty and the LACMA. Sit back and enjoy. :)

The Getty:
    Gorgeous pieces made for Kings & Queens. Sorry folks you can't find these pieces on ebay.

      Compound Microscope & Case - Paris around 1751

      I love how I was able to capture all three magnificent statues in one shot. Yes!

  I was having a Beauty and the Best moment.

This is my all time favorite photo I have ever taken. I used a Canon Power Shot with a macro zoom. I would not call myself a professional photographer... not by a long shot but I think I did a pretty good job with this one. This was taken in the Getty Garden. 

                       Another picture taken in the Getty Garden. Why hello there bumble bees! 

LACMA: Los Angeles County Museum of Art
              So much going on here. Madness and beauty. My head is spinning. Whoa! 

     I will have one of each thanks. 

Please don't fall! Oh, Oh, Oh boy! Please don't ........

     For some reason this reminds me of the movie Insidious.

I'm gonna make a change for once in my life. It's gonna feel real good, gonna make a difference.. oh hey, there! Sorry I was having a M.J. moment Jam on!

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  1. Oh, Mae! Those clothes! Watch out, I'll fight you for that gorgeous green cutout dress ;)