Monday, July 9, 2012

Malibu - Point Dume

One of my favorite places in SO Cal is Point Dume in Malibu. This place is aMAEzing. It's a great place for a beach day for large groups as well as a more secluded feel. I know that sounds a bit strange but I will explain what I mean if you keep reading...

 If you are looking for a more group feel majority of this beach is great for large groups and people watching... I hope that doesn't sound creepy but I do like to people watch especially in SO Cal because people be loco! I also enjoy the peace and serenity of being next to the ocean without being paranoid that in any second I will be knocked out by a frisbee.

So if you ever get the opportunity to visit Point Dume my advice is to take a long stroll along the beach and towards the giant rocks that are right in front of the cliffs. You will get wet by being splashed by a trillion waves and you will get dirty from climbing the rocks but it's worth it. Even on a Saturday you can find less than a handful of people hanging out in this section of the beach. It's so peaceful and the sight of waves crashing against the rocks is stunning.

Another reason to visit Point Dume is the breath taking view overlooking the cliffs. Heading up the trail to the top of the cliffs can be a bit scary if you are afraid of snakes. My boyfriend spotted a colossal snake as we were heading down the trail. AAHHH!! It's okay though... we survived! So it was worth it.

Once you head to the top it is well worth it.

Here's a shot from the very top of Point Dume. Whoa!

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