Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Money Saving Challenge

Okay here we go! Starting today I am not going to buy any new clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry or hang bags. I am going to be good and save, save, save! I have decided that I will not buy any items that I don't absolutely NEED until November. Oh man this is going to be hard.

This pup feels my pain. 

 My recent need to want to save and live more minimalist is due to the fact that I can not stand my upstairs neighbors. I recently was given the most thrilling news that my neighbors were moving out by the beginning of August. I was so happy I wanted to do my happy dance. I thought to myself Sweet Baby Jesus and Chubby Buddha must of worked together to make this possible. Unfortunately just this past weekend I was given the news that they changed their minds and they will be staying. Since the first week I moved in my roommate and I have both had to knock on their door extremely late at night to inform them that they are being way to loud and that they are preventing us from getting any sleep. We have discussed the noise issue with our landlords many times, we have written them several letters. Our landlords even discussed the matter with the Apartment Association. Nothing helped. I have called the cops and that didn't even scare some sense into them. The police dispatcher informed me that the only thing that the police can do is to ask them to keep it down but they can't force them to do anything. What needs to happen is that our landlord needs to be on our side and take action. Our landlords don't really care they keep telling us to write a letter explaining what it is that we hear and the time of day that the noise occurs. I feel that this method is insane! We have already done so several times! What is the point in doing the same thing over and over again! Here's a little clue landlords you're going to get the same result! Our landlords have given us the option to move out sooner without any consequences but the problem is that we wont receive our deposit until three weeks after we move out. Like many people now a days I live pay check to pay check and can't afford to fork out a thousand dollars for my share of the deposit and first month rent in a drop of a hat.

This kitty is impersonating my raw emotions of just how much I despise my neighbors. She's yelling "Hey you, yeah you! SHUT UP! 

So I have decided that if I make a budget for myself every month I should be able to continue paying off my student loans, credit card debt and utilities the same as usual but still have enough money left over to save up $200 - $300 a month towards the deposit of a new apartment. My biggest issue is that I have a slight shopping addiction. Although I tend to buy things that are on sale or shop around for items that wont break the bank I know that if I put that money towards a new apartment I would be much better off. I have clothes that I hardly ever wear and some items with tags still on them. Which I find to be nuts. I need to be more grounded and make do with what I have. 

  Smart Hipster Puppy agrees with my recent life choices.

So here goes nothing! Let the money saving challenge begin!

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