Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wedding Prep

For my sisters wedding I decided to put together one of those made of honor emergency kits. Instead of purchasing one online I put one together myself with things that I felt were items we would definitely need. Below are the items I provided for the wedding party... well at least the brides side.

Here are all the items I felt we may need for my sisters big day.

Keep calm and take a chill pill.

So our french mani pedi's wouldn't get ruin.

The bags labeled accordingly.

Feed me!

Don't panic! We can fix it!

Keep that dress up lady this is a classy event!

Food! Fix Me! Pretty self explanatory.

Keeping it clean ladies. 

Gotta look good.

So fresh, so clean!

All placed in a lovely Mickey bag. Perfect for her Disney theme wedding.

WHAT WE ACTUALLY USED: We had a lot of items left over. The items that we actually are Advil, cliff bars, mints, almonds, needle (to poke an extra hole in our shoes). deodorant, scissors, safety pins and lotion.

WHAT I FORGOT TO PURCHASE: baby powder (my sister needed this so she wouldn't sweat in between her lady lumps). More cliff bars and almonds. I bought a box of cliff bars and a box of almonds but apparently we needed more since I didn't get anyone... bummer. 

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