Thursday, November 1, 2012

An Eventful Halloween

Hi everyone, how is everybody's Thirsty Thursday going? Mine is just dandy I am drinking chamomile tea all day since I have a bit of a cold.  I hope you all had a spook-tacular Halloween, I know I sure did. It was pretty eventful to say the least. I wore my Hawk Girl costume to work yesterday and I won our Halloween costume contest! It was actually a tie for first place so The Incredible Hulk and I were the winners. DC comics and Marvel comics had to come together so we can both enjoy the glorious title of best costume! Below is a picture of everyone who dressed up for Halloween at work. 

Pretty sweet, huh?

I also had my first ever experience at the West Hollywood parade/carnival. If you are not familiar with what the West Hollywood parade is it's when Santa Monica boulevard is closed down all day and night for Halloween. Thousands of people come out to the event to show off their costumes and some go just to see all the different costumes but don't actually dress up... which is a pet peeve of mine. It's Halloween people at least put some bunny ears on your head! It's the only time of the year when you get to dress up like your coo coo for coco puffs and no one is going to lock you up for the night.  Anywho the carnival was insane! I am glad I went but I will never wear wings ever again! At least if I am attending the WEHO parade I will be free of wings. Wings = Mae is a running back who keeps trying to cut down the middle but the defense makes me do the running man as they push me towards the ground... Sorry about that I had a moment there. Below are some pictures I took from the carnival... they aren't great quality because there were literally thousands of people in attendance and it was hard to capture a decent image with so many people around. All and all it was a fun experience.

My favorite costumes of the night.

Second favorite of the night.

So folks that was my Halloween in a nut shell. I had so much fun putting together my costumes and showing them off at parties and events but to be honest I am looking forward to the relaxation and togetherness that our next holiday will bring. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday I like to gobble gobble and by gobble gobble I mean gobble up some food! Have a wonderful day folks! ☺

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