Thursday, November 15, 2012

DIY Wood Transfers

With the holiday's coming up I figured that I would share with all of you one of my favorite DIY projects which is transferring images onto wood. I think they make great gifts and I am planning on giving more transfers out as presents this Christmas. I like giving homemade gifts because it's more personnel and it means more when you take the time and effort to create something yourself rather than buying someone a reindeer sweater... Unless you knitted that sweater yourself now that's impressive. I have added some instructions below just in case anyone wants to give this a try. 

  • Wood (Michael's has a decent selection of wood used for crafting).
  • Gel Medium (I use liquedex heavy gel medium).
  • Sponge Brush
  • Modge Podge
  • Clear coat sealer
  • spray bottle with water
  • laser jet printer
  • Photoshop - if your image contains words.
  • Newspapers
  • Arcylic paint and paint brush - if wanting to paint the outer edges of the wood.
  • sandpaper - if wanting to give your design an aged look
First find an image that you would like to transfer onto wood. If your image contains letters make sure to alter the image in Photoshop so that when the image prints out the letters appear backwards. This is important because when you lay the image on top of the wood if you do not flip the lettering it will not appear the way that it should. When using Photoshop if you select Image, Rotate, flip horizontal the lettering will appear backwards. Save the image and print it using a laser jet printer. Study the size and shape of the printed image and select the type of wood you would like to use. Make sure that the wood you select is large enough for the image. Lay some newspapers out on a table and then grab the gel medium and brush it all over the laser jet image using a sponge brush. I like to apply three coats all over the image before placing the image onto wood. When you place the image onto wood be sure to hover it above the wood first and study exactly where you would like the image to lay. Once your ready gently place the image onto the wood and begin smoothing it out with your hands for several minutes. 

Now it's time to wait. Let the image dry overnight and the next morning grab your spray bottle and focus on one area of the image at a time. After you spray down the area begin rubbing off the paper with your fingers. Repeat these steps until the image has been transferred onto the wood in its entirety. Once the image is completely transferred grab your sponge brush and begin layering on the Modge Podge onto the wood transfer. Let it dry, once the Modge Podge is dry spray down the image with a clear coat sealer.

A little extra...

If you would like your design to have a little extra pop you can paint the outer edges of the wood to give it a boarder. I like to sometimes sand down the image or sand down the edges to make the image appear vintage. If you would want to include these steps my advice is to paint the edges of the wood before applying the laser jet image. If you would like the image to appear vintage sand down the image or edges of the wood before applying Modge Podge and the clear coat sealer. 

Here are a few examples of some of the transfers I have recently made.

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