Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday Party

Happy Friday! It's the Friday before Christmas... and it's dooms day. Oh boy, the Mayans are coming! Not really, I think it's safe to say we are in the clear but if not here is my final post, cherish it! 

During the holidays we all have work functions that we have to attend sometimes they are fun and sometimes they are a bit awkward. This year our office planed to have the Holiday Party at BOA Steakhouse. It's a swanky restaurant in West Hollywood. Brian was my date of course and we had a great time eating all of the delicious food and taking in the oh so cool ambiance. We were all dressed up for somewhere super chic to be! The table we were sitting at got to share some funny moments. When the "bread guy" came around to pass out one biscuit per person at the beginning of dinner Brian and I were the only ones who didn't receive any. I thought he probably just ran out and he will bring some more right out asap. Well... some time had gone by and still no bread for the two of us. Brian tracked down the "wine guy" and told him that we never received any bread. The wine guy was like "Oh well, I don't handle the bread I serve the wine but let me try and track someone down for you." Now I know I'm not the most fancy gal in the world but I have been a server at many restaurants and I never once told a customer "Well that's really not in my job description, I don't handle that product but I will find someone who does." Once the bread guy had finally came back with more bread he went around to the table where everyone had already received biscuits and is now handing them their second helping. When he got to our table everyone at our table was trying to explain to the guy that Brian and I never received any bread. The "bread guy" was like "Oh, do you want seconds?" Everyone spoke for us and told him "No they never received any." He just placed the bread on our plates and acted like no big deal. So from than on we all refereed to the servers by the item they were associated with. There was the bread guy, wine guy, menu guy, water guy, coffee guy, appetizer guy, entree guy, dessert guy. Which is kind of strange... I never worked at a restaurant where each worker handled one particular item. I didn't even know that existed. Even though the servers were a bit rude and snobbish we still had a really good time. The food was outstanding and it gave us all an excuse to dress up and enjoy a night out on the town outside of the office. Below are some pictures of the esthetics at BOA and pics of the outfit I wore. 

The interior at BOA Steakhouse. They also have a nice outdoor dinning patio as well.

Dress: Anthropologie, Shoes: Wild Pair

Necklace: F21

Clutch: Urban Outfitters (gift), Flower Ring: Aldo, Ring on the Right: Charlotte Russe, Bracelet: Homemade

Another shot of my dress.

The view of the back of my dress. Coat: Ebay 

Brian and I at dinner. ♥

Hope you enjoyed my post. More to come very soon, Happy Holidays.

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