Tuesday, January 8, 2013

DIY Gift Ideas Take 2

Happy Monday! Just four more days until the weekend! How sad am I? I remember when I was a teenager and I swore I would never have a job where the most exciting thing to look forward to would be the weekend. I can just see the sixteen year old Mae shaking her head at me with her arms crossed. She's mean mugging me as I stare at her over sized soccer uniform, orange/blonde hair and barely there eyebrows. I almost feel guilty but then I realize I'm a grown up so step off kid! Yes, that just happened. What can I say my writing is more loopy at night. Tonight's post is the second part to last weeks DIY gift ideas. Below are a few more homemade gifts I recently made for birthday's and Christmas. Enjoy

Wood transfer of the NY Giant's helmet for one of Brian's Christmas presents.
I have already provided a brief tutorial on how to create a wood transfer in an older post in November called DIY Wood Transfer: 
Refer back to that post to learn how to create a similar version to this DIY gift idea.

Hair accessory organizer for my niece Penni Pies birthday.

What I did: 

I purchased a pink picture frame from Michael's. Disposed of the glass and used a purple fabric to cover the card board. Glued on pink polka dot ribbon to the fabric to create sections where the hair pins would be placed. I super glued rhinestones to the sides of the frame and glued a few rhinestones around the front edges of the frame. All of the materials were purchased from Michael's and Jo-Ann fabrics. 

More b-day gifts for Penni's birthday.

What I did: 

Penni Necklace & Princess Necklace: All beads, bead tips, jump rings, clasps, chains and wire were Purchased at Michael's. Step one I cut off a piece of wire a little longer than the actual size that I want the design to be. I tie a knot on one end of the wire and place a bead tip on top of the knot and clamp it down with pliers. Next I place the beads on the strand in the order that I desire. Once I am finished with placing the beads on the wire I place a second bead tip at the end of the wire and tie a knot as close to the bead tip as possible. I follow by once again clamping the bead tip on top of the knot with pliers. Once that step is complete you can hook the chain onto the bead tip by using the hook end of the bead tip. Use the pliers to press down on the bead tip to keep the chain and wire in place. For the Princess crown necklace I used a jump ring to attach the crown pendent to the chain. At the end of the necklace use a jump ring to attach the clasp to the chain.

Girly Bow's: I used felt, ribbon and fabric from an old dress, rhinestones, hot glue gun and needle and thread. First step cut out a rectangle with the felt or fabric around the size that you would like the bow to be. Pick up your needle and thread and sew through the middle. Repeat this step a few times to make sure it's securely sewed in. Cut a smaller piece of felt and use the glue gun to glue it down the middle. This piece brings the form of the bow together. On the back end of the bow glue a hair clasp on the back. 

That's all folks! Let me know your thoughts and if you have any questions about the DIY gift ideas from Part I and Part II. Have a wonderful night.

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