Monday, January 14, 2013

New Years Resolution

Happy Monday Everyone! Or at least as happy of a Monday a Monday can be. I hope everyone had a funtastic weekend. I had a great weekend up to late yesterday afternoon. I ended up having a migraine and a tummy ache. I hope I'm not catching something!

Today's post is about New Years Resolutions more specifically my New Years Resolutions. I feel that my resolutions are pretty do able and I have a feeling that I will be able to stick to it. I don't believe in having a New Years Resolution that is completely on the other end of the spectrum like living your life in a complete 180. If you are someone who doesn't eat healthy your resolution shouldn't be to eat nothing but vegetables and lean meat 7 days a week. If you never exercise don't expect that just by opening a gym membership you are all of a sudden going to workout every day of the week. Goals like these just set people up for failure. If you want to eat healthier that's great but be realistic. How about starting with portion control and preparing healthy lunches for work to make sure you stay on track and allowing yourself to have a cheat day or two on the weekend. If you want to start exercising that's fantastic but how about starting with writing down on a calendar an exercise routine. Maybe start with exercising every other day. My suggestion would be to do cardio one day and light weights and toning on your next exercise day. Starting up with a realistic goal can help you stick to your over all goal of being a healthy more active person.

As I'm going on and on about setting realistic goals I realized that I haven't even expressed what my goals are. Oh geez, silly me! My two new years resolutions are (drum roll) to live a more balanced life and to have less road rage.

Live a more balanced life
 To dive more into this goal for me living a more balanced life is to change characteristic of myself for the better such as by the way I eat, my activities, taking care of myself, and by the way I carry myself, as well as challenging myself etc. I don't expect to become a perfect person who only eats organic, who exercises daily and all of the activities I take part in are meaningful and productive. Living a balanced life is to set out to choose to live a healthy life style but also to be realistic and to allow myself to enjoy the little things in life like a warm chocolate chip cookie and a glass of milk and not beat myself up about it. Of course enjoying the little things doesn't mean that my entire diet should exist of delicious fattening foods every hour of the day. My goal is to challenge myself to choose the right choices majority of the time and when I have a craving for something delicious and naughty I will go ahead and indulge myself because lets face it sometimes eating or drinking something that tastes so good it makes you smile as you're eating/drinking it is well worth it. A big part of me wanting to live a more balanced life is due to a health condition that I have called Interstitial Cystitis (IC). IC is a bladder disease that causes urinary urgency and frequency. It feels a lot like a Urinary Track Infection but the difference is that with IC there is no infection and IC can't be cured it's a chronic condition that I will have to deal with for my entire life. The good thing is that IC doesn't lead to anything life threatening. For some patients it changes their lives dramatically because the pain can be very intense at times. I am fortunate that I can control my symptoms by eating bladder friendly foods and when choosing to eat something that can harm my bladder like highly acidic foods I can take Prelief. Prelief helps my body break down acidic foods that normally cause me pain. So for me I not only aim to eat healthy but to also try and eat bladder friendly healthy foods. Another thing that helps lesson my symptoms is by living a stress free life. So I am going to try my hardest not to sweat the small stuff. Going on walks, hikes and doing the stretches my Physical Therapist taught me can help me manage my symptoms. Besides trying to control my IC symptoms other reasons for me to want to live a balanced life have to do with making sure I don't over indulge in things. For instance a few months ago I challenged myself not to spend any money on clothes, purses, jewelry, shoes and accessories for three months and I passed the test! But ever since then I have been a bit careless with my money I guess you can say I was making up for loss shopping time. So instead of going overboard with my spending and going to the other extreme of not shopping at all I will come to a healthy medium and allow myself to spend money on one or two things a month. 

Less Road Rage: 
Now this goal is a must and just as challenging as the one above. Not having road rage in Los Angeles is basically the equivalent of being a saint. St. Mae.... nah! I'm no saint! But seriously though I do need to control my little girl syndrome when behind the wheel. Two things tend to help me have less road rage. One trick is to listen to my learn Italian cd's while I drive. I'm so focused on trying to perfect the accent that I am no longer butt hurt about the guy who merged into my lane without using his turn signal. Listening to Bob Marley while driving also helps me chill out... for the most part. If someone does something really crazy on the road I quickly snap out of my Bob Marley trance and become a trucker mouth fool who is a little heavy on the horn. So my plan on having less road rage is to find more helpful aids in not distracting me from driving but to distract my little girl syndrome from popping up while I'm driving. 

Below are some pics from New Years of Brian and this girl! Enjoy

Why yes I am tickling Brian. It's the only way to guarantee that we will smile for the camera.

Brian in mid chew and me as happy as can be.

So that's that! My New Years Resolutions for 2013. Realistic but at the same time still challenging. I hope that all of you are able to keep up with your resolutions. Have a happy and healthy 2013 everyone! 

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