Thursday, March 28, 2013

80's Prom Night

Hi friends, happy thirsty Thursday! I hope everyone had a productive and stress free work week. I am very happy that tomorrow is Friday and I'm sure most of you will agree with me when I say TGIF! Speaking of TGIF I kind of miss it. Family Matters was definetly my favorite show followed by Full House as my second favorite.

Anywho, it's totally like me to ramble on about random things before getting to the topic at hand. Today's blog is about a fun night out on the town my babe and some of his pals and I had recently. We went to the House of Blues for their 80's Prom Night they were hosting at their West Hollywood location. It was a fun night but kind of hilarious. When we showed up in our 80's gear we were greeted by a room of people staring at us like we were crazy. Most people were not dressed up and the other half kind of well... half ass it. We literally looked like we were straight from the 80's we literally brought the 80's to the party. Without us their would have been no party... well at least not a 1980's party. Despite the awkward entrance we ended up having a good time and everyone really liked our outfits and took pics of all of us and took pics with us. It was like we were famous or something. We kind of were big deals that night! Anywho below are some pics from our night on the town 80's style!

Brian: Miami Vice hunk Me: Metallica Chick

Well that's all she wrote... literally! bahahha!
 I hope you guys had a totally fantaboulous time checking out my bitchin 80's pics. Until next time later days homefry's!


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