Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone! So today I bought four bags of candy thinking we would have trick or treaters. I realized after the fact that I live in a gated apartment building where you need a gate code in order to enter the complex. This alone should of made a light bulb switch on in my mind, but no I had a brain fart and now I am left with 4 bags of candy tempting me.
I decided not to dress up this year for Halloween it's a first in a very long time. So since I didn't join in on the very scary festivities I thought it would be nice to reminisce and share with all of you some of my favorite Halloween costumes from the last four years.
     Super Fan:
A couple of years ago I decided to be my most favorite funny chubby guy in the world Chris Farley from the SNL skit Chicago Bears Super Fan. Da Bears! I am a huge Chicago Bears fan so to me this was the best Halloween idea I have had in years! I bought some men's XXL size pants from a thrift store and duck taped one of my large pillows around my midsection so I could party down just the way Chris Farley would have intended it. I threw on some of my Bears gear, a coconut bra, grass skirt and a sexy mustache and was ready to get my chubby on. It was my first Halloween where I dressed up like a dude and a large dude at that. It was also the first year I didn't get hit on because well that would have been weird!
     Chun Li:
I think this is from three years ago... I found a kickass Chun Li  costume from the Street Fighter Video Game on Wal-Mart's (of all places) website. It's was pretty cool to be able to pretend to be Chun Li for a day. She was definitely my favorite character and Street Fighter was one of the few video games I actually enjoyed playing. I also liked that Chun Li had big thighs that are super muscular because I have always had big legs and honestly I don't think there's anything wrong with that. We can't all be stick thin someone has to bring a little variety to the table. :)
I absolutely adore Gizmo from the Gremlins movies. One year my brother Lance's girlfriend at the time helped me sew my Gizmo costume together. She was a big help especially since I didn't own a sewing machine and I am not an exceptional sewer. Creating the Gizmo ears was the hardest part. I remember using a headband, felt, wire from a hanger, furry fabric, super glue and hot glue and tissue paper to stuff the ears. I felt adorably creepy.. what more could you want from a Halloween costume? Don't worry no one fed me after midnight... maybe a beer or two.
If you are a Trueblood fan than you have to remember Lorena. She was Bill Compton's maker before she set him free. I loved all the flashbacks of the two of them and their companionship. A lot of their scenes together were around the era of the roaring twenties. I loved Lorena's look she had around this era she looked like a sophisticated flapper girl with a thirst for blood! My interpretation of her character isn't spot on but it's pretty close. I remember that when I would drink anything that night I had an awful time because of my vampire fangs. By the end of the night I decided to rip my fangs off and to greet the sun just like Godric did. Ha, just kidding about the last part.
     Red Riding hood:
Last year I was Red Riding hood badass style. I had battle wounds from the brutal fight The Big Bad Wolf and I had. I of course was victorious which is why I am displaying the wolf's head in my lovely picnic basket in the pics above. I figured I deserved a souvenir or two.
     Hulk Girl:
Last year I was also Hulk Girl one of the comic book characters from the DC Comic's. We all dressed up as DC Comic's superheroes last year. The Hulk Girl mask took forever to create! I used felt, foam, feathers and super glue... oh and a blank phantom of the opera mask. I remember that I was still working on the mask the day of. I won best costume last year at work (it was a tie but it still counts) so I think that this costume is one of my best ones yet.
Happy Halloween Everyone! Have a spooky night!


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