Thursday, October 25, 2012

A wAcKy goodtime!

Happy Thirsty Thursday Everyone! What's your beverage of choice this afternoon? Mine is HINT Watermelon flavored water. Go me! Any who, today's topic is all about a quirky little store that I like to visit every now and than in LA called WACKO. The name is a perfect description of the store it is very silly and unique and a little out there. I love it! Some of my favorite items they sell would be their pop memorable and a lot of their books on artist of the Pop Surrealist movement. My favorite part of this goofy great store is the art gallery they have in the back of the store. They will usually have art hanging in the gallery of local artists which I think is such a great way for artists trying to make a name for themselves to be able to get their work out there. Below you will find some great pieces that were once displayed in the gallery at Wacko at one point or another. Enjoy :)

Top left: This is a picture of the outside of the store. So bright and purty. I'm sure you can guess who the Disney stars are.


Cakeland by Scott Hove (Hove is from Oakland, CA)

More of Cakeland.

Scury wittle purties. Don't smother the panda no!

Hope if you are in the LA area you take a trip to visit this crazy fantastic store. Sorry that I didn't provide the other artists names but I could only remember Scott Hove... my bad. :/ Have a FUNtastic day!

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