Thursday, April 11, 2013

DIY Gift Giving for Dudes

Happy Thursday! Today's blog is about gift giving for that special guy in your life. As a girl who loves to craft and thinks that homemade gifts are the most meaningful gifts I often think about what type of DIY gifts would be perfect for particular people in my life. One thing that I struggle with is creating gifts for male family members or my boyfriend that wouldn't be considered girly. So for my boyfriend Brian's birthday this year I made him his very own Man Stuff (box). I didn't actually build the box myself, I am not Ron Swanson. I purchased the box at Michael's along with the paint brushes, acrylic paint, gel medium- Liquidex, sponge brushes, modge podge, sand paper and clear coat sealer. I drew the baseball and football helmet and used stencils for the lettering, shark and spider on the lid of the box. I transferred laser jet images onto the box along all four sides of the box. If you click on the DIY section of my blog and scroll down to DIY Wood Transfers I have provided instructions on how to transfer the laser jet images onto wood. After I created the box I filled it with a bunch of goodies that I know my babe loves. Below are some pictures of Brian's super manly Man Box. 

Coffee, Dark Chocolate and Beer! I know the way to a mans heart. 

Boom! There you have it Man Box by Mae Robbins. Now you too can create a super cool man box for the super stud in your life. More posts coming your way soon! Until next time!


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