Monday, April 15, 2013

Day to Night SpArKlEs!

Left: Daytime look Right: Nighttime look

My life seems to consist of me packing almost every weekend. Even though my boyfriend and I live in the same city the commute is not exactly ideal and sometimes can take up to an hour to get to each others places. My boyfriend lives in NoHo and I live in west LA, the commute can be stressful so instead of stressing out about traffic we usually will plan in advance whether he will be coming my way or if I will be staying with him over the weekend. I usually stay at his place mainly because my upstairs neighbors are ridiculously loud especially around 8:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning. They are the worst! Since my boyfriend and I both like to sleep in on the weekends his place is usually ideal. I've been packing a weekend bag almost every weekend for over a year now and have come to the conclusion that when it comes to packing I need to pack lighter and pack pieces that can easily be used for daytime wear as well as going out on the town at night. Today's blog is an example of doing just that. I hope this post inspires you to pack pieces that can easily be used for several different outfits the next time you find yourself needing to pack for a weekend get away.

Daytime Outfit: Top Left- Homemade bracelets by ME! Bottom Left- Chambray Shirt: F21, Top: Target, Necklace: Fashion Q, Bottom Right: Charm bracelet: F21

Night Time Outfit: Shoes: Kathy Jean

Nighttime Jewels: Necklace: H&M, Bracelets: Homemade, Left Hand Rings: LuLus & Charlotte Russe,                         Right Hand: Target & Aldo

So there you have it! My daytime to nighttime sparkle outfit. Hope you enjoyed this post. More posts coming your way very soon!