Friday, April 19, 2013

MAC makeup test

 I purchased a couple of MAC products recently and have been testing them out these last couple of weeks. I've never used anything by MAC before and was curious to see if I would have success using their makeup. Since I started wearing makeup when I was a teen I always had issues with eyeliner and mascara running down my face within an hour after applying my eye makeup. I have tried so many brands and nothing seemed to work for me.... Until now! MAC's black track fluidline works great on me! My eyeliner stayed put for over seven hours the first time I used it. Even when it started to smudge a bit it was hardly any damage done which is a great relief compared to my eyeliner usually running shortly after applying it. It would make me look like a goth chick with way to much eyeliner running down my face! This is not me making fun of goth girls in anyway it's just that I never intended for my makeup to look gothic therefore it shouldn't! A tip to keep in mind is to make sure that when your applying the fluidline eyeliner that you give it time to dry before messing with it. I noticed that when I started reapplying more eyeliner on the area that I've already applied and didn't wait for it to dry my eyeliner would begin to smear in a couple hours. So remember to have patience grasshopper. I had myself a Karate Kid moment... moving on! I also tried MAC's Opulash Optimum Black mascara which not only didn't smear it also made my lashes not look clumpy the way other mascaras have. All in all I feel that these two MAC products are worth purchasing if you have the same issues with eyeliner and mascara running down your face like I use to.


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