Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Birthday Weekend

Hi folks, I hope everyone is having a funtastic Tuesday. I wanted to share with all of you a recent trip Brian and I took together to Laguna Beach. Brian wanted to take me on a mini vacation for my birthday weekend. I chose for us to go to Laguna Beach since we both had never been there and it's not a far drive from L.A. We both had a wonderful time walking around Laguna Beach, hanging out at the beach and hiking and most importantly eating some really delicious food. It was very relaxing and beautiful. 

 Below are some pics we took of our trip as well as some pictures from my birthday.
 Hope y'all enjoy them. 

View of Crescent Beach View Point.

Another view of Crescent Beach View Point

Third view of Crescent Beach View Point

The two of us overlooking Laguna Beach.

Having fun at Laguna Beach.

Crescent Beach

Crescent Beach - take 2

Crescent Beach - take 3

Crescent Beach pics.

Brian on the rocks that we are not suppose to go on. Rule Breaker!

Crystal Cove State Park

Hiking trail of Crystal Cove State Park

One last view of Crystal Cove State Park.

Brian enjoying our hike.

What I wore on Saturday night Dinner/Drinks.

Birthday Gifts!

My favorite! Brian created a Chicago Panda Bear t-shirt for my b-day! Love it!

The Two of us at Casa Vega for my b-day dinner.

What I Wore:

 On the Beach: 

- Dress: Alloy
- Necklace: F21

- Bracelets: Homemade by me
- Sandals: Rampage

Saturday Night:

- Top: LuLus
- Jeans: BDG/ Urban Outfitters
- Necklace: Fashion Q
- Shoes: Nine West


- Dress: Urban Outfitters
- Bracelets: Homemade by me


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