Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Seven Days of Jewels - Day 3

Hi All! Happy hump day! I hope everyone had a lovely Wednesday. I'm still waiting for West L.A. to kick into fall completely. The weather was in the mid 80's today. I know I shouldn't complain but I just really want fall to officially be here instead of one nice fall day and the rest of the week filled with summer/spring days. It's football season therefore my Chicago Bears hoodies need to be worn proudly instead of me looking like a hot mess, all sweaty from wearing hoodies and long sleeves while the weather is in the 80's. Come on fall get here!
Anywho, enough with my white girl rant (I can say this because I'm half Caucasian, it's my right as a half breed) today's post is carrying on with the theme of this week all posts dedicated to my love of jewelry. Below you will find some of my most recent hand made creations. I hope you all dig my new pieces.
Ball & Chain.

Death by Neon.

Last pearl on the string.

Peace out summertime.

Ellie the Elephant.

All of these items have been designed and created with my own two hands. Tomorrow I will be posting about a few items that are located on my etsy site called Made with love by Mae. Please let me know if you guys like any of my handmade items from this post. They are not posted on my etsy account just yet but if I receive any feedback about what items are more appealing I will make sure to place the most popular items on my etsy account.


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