Saturday, October 19, 2013

Seven Days of Jewels - Day 6

Happy Saturday Everyone! I hope all of you are having a fun yet relaxing day. So far Brian and I went thrift store shopping and I found a shelf to store all of my handbags on. It was a pretty good deal and it is a prefect fit in my tiny room where I hardly have any extra space for more furniture. We also went to Sean's Pumpkin Patch in Culver City. I picked a cute white pumpkin but I was a little overwhelmed since I've never actually went pumpkin picking before. I usually pick one up at the grocery store so I was being a bit of a sissy who didn't want to get her white baby doll dress dirty. I know I'm a prissy girl!
This is day 6 of my Seven Days of Jewels. I picked the topic of earrings for today even though I hardly ever where them. Earrings use to be my favorite piece of jewelry but once I started going to school for sound engineering they became more of my worse enemy. Trying to wear earrings while you have a pair of headphones on is pointless, painful and dumb. I still tried wearing them once or twice and immediately took them off and felt like I was having an airhead moment. Even once I was finished with school I still stayed away from earrings I guess it was a force of habit. I only have a few earrings in my jewelry collection. Below you will find three pairs of earrings that I do adore and would love to wear out and about if I ever remember to wear them.
Earrings list:
Left: Forever 21
Middle: Carson Pirie Scott/Liz Claiborne
Right: Nordstrom Rack
As you can tell I really like chandelier earrings and these three pieces aren't heavy so they don't weigh my earlobe down. Thank goodness! More jewelry posts to come your way tomorrow.

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