Sunday, October 20, 2013

Seven Days of Jewels - Day 7

Happy Sunday fun day! I hope everyone is having a funtastic day. I am having a frustrating day. My Chicago Bears lost today (insert butt hurt face here). The Bears starting quarterback is injured and two very important defensive players are also injured. UGH! I'm one angry Bear cub right now! (sigh) Alright I'm going to get it together in5,4,3,2....

Anywho! Today is officially the last day of my Seven Days of Jewels challenge. I mainly did this because I am known to be a sporadic blogger which defeats the purpose of having a blog. I wanted to go with the topic of jewelry because I know that this topic is something I am passionate about. I love costume jewelry and of course I love making handmade jewels as well. For the last post for my Seven Days of Jewels I am going with yesterdays theme of earrings. I noticed that I don't really have any studs or a wide variety of different earring types in my collection. Below I created a collage of earrings I have found online that is definitely apart of my wishlist. 

Earring list:

Anthropologie: Tonique Dagger Drops $178
Emma Stine: Enameled Foxy Buttons with Crystal Nose $34
Betsey Johnson: Imperial Rose Heart Earring Purple $30
Stella and Dot: Serenity Small Stone Drops $34

There you have it! My latest list of lovely earrings that I wouldn't mind adding to my plethora of jewelry. More posts to come next week. 


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