Thursday, November 21, 2013

Lulu's Horizantal Stripe Dress

Happy Thirsty Thursday! I indulged my taste buds by drinking a delicious Thai iced tea today. All that sugar has made me a bit hyper! I just know that in about twenty minutes from now I will be off my sugar high and ready for pajama's and a bedtime story... um... I mean... opps! Why yes I am a grown up who still likes a bedtime story before bed. Instead of being read a fairy tale I now read to myself and read grown up books like The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I just came to the realization that my choice of a book to read before bed and my obsession with Law & Order SVU may be why I've been a bit jumpy lately and looking at the opposite sex like men are all up to no good. I may want to cut back on my tortured woman seeking revenge kick I've been on.
Now onto a completely different topic today's post is centered around a dress I ordered on LuLu's website several months ago. I remember that I won LuLu's Wordy Wednesday that LuLu's post on their facebook page. If you don't know about this contest just fyi when you like their page on fb they post a picture of an item they are selling and you have to describe the item in... I believe it's five words. If they pick you at random you receive a $50 gift card! Woot, Woot! Now back to the dress, I love how form fitting this dress is and how the length hits me just a little above my knee. Which reminds me I finally watched the series finale of What Not To Wear last night so as I was picking my outfit for today Clinton and Stacy's rules kept playing in my mind. Now even though horizontal stripes may create an illusion of appearing wider perfect fit trumps that idea therefore I'm right back to being a good What Not To Wear student Yay, go me! :)


 Outfit Details:
  • Vest: Forever 21
  • Dress: LuLu's/LuLu*s Weekend Getaway Grey and Ivory Striped Dress
  • Necklace: Sammy's Dress
  • Bracelets: LuLu's
  • Heart Ring: LuLu's
  • Gold Band Ring: Charming Charlie's
  • Shoes: Amazon/Rampage


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