Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year's Celebration

Happy New Year Everyone! I'm hoping this year will be the year that I shine in every aspect of my life. I've been thinking of my new years resolution and goals to help me improve on some things that are not so balanced in my life. I hope every one of you were able to celebrate on New Year's Eve and were surrounded by friends and loved ones. Brian and I had a great time sharing laughs and drinks with friends. We got to meet our friends Helen and Jason's new puppy Jameson who is just too cute for words. He looks like to teddy bear! We also got to count down the new year with our very own new years ball drop thanks to Helen and Jason's neighbor's, very creative! We also went out to The Federal (NOHO) for a little dancing... and some people watching. I hope that didn't sound creepy but I'm not much of a club girl so when I am in that environment I tend to like to watch the drunken sloppy mess surrounding me. It makes me giggle especially when you spot a random shoe at the bar and panties left just chilling in the ladies room. Oh good times! Another fun element from our New Year's celebration was when one of our friends brought wish paper. We all got a piece of wish paper (reminds me of tissue paper) wrote our wishes, crinkled them in our hands and created a cylinder like shape to stand them up on the ground (outside) and burned the paper from the top and once the paper turns to ashes it floats in the air and you have to catch it and blow the ashes away to make your wish. So cute! Stinking adorable! 

Below are some pictures of Brian and I on New Years.

New Year's Outfit:
  • Jacket/Macy's
  • Dress/Venus
  • Shoes/DSW/Madden Girl


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