Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hello Summer Ombre

Hello internet land long time no see. I know I've been a very lackadaisical blogger lately and I am vowing to change that from here on out.  I've had a lot of changes in my personal life within the last month and a half. I'm not sure I'm ready to disclose the challenges I have had to face but maybe one day. One welcome change is that I recently changed my hair color and style which I am very happy and excited to share with all of you! I've been loving the ombre trend and have been tampering with the idea of giving it a try and as of just two days ago I went ahead and went for it! I knew I wanted something lighter for the summer but I also was nervous to go to light because I naturally have dark hair and usually only go a couple shades lighter if I dye it. The picture below was my inspiration for wanting to go lighter shades of ombre.

This picture of Rachel Bilson I found while searching the world wide web (yes I did just write that) I loved instantly. I was really drown to it because her roots seemed only a shade lighter than mine. I felt that if she could pull off this light colored ombre look maybe I could as well? I found a great hair salon near where my sister lives called Spallon and was entrusted in the hands of a very sweet, outgoing and knowledgeable hair stylists name Kirsty who really eased my mind about creating such a drastic change in my appearance. She was just as excited as I was and also provided me with a great salon experience. I'm sure y'all can relate to having that anxious feeling when you venture out and try a new salon for the first time. She really made me feel special and the icing on the cake is that since it was my first visit my hair cut was for free! What a deal! Or shall I say steal? Any who all and all I was really happy with the way my hair turned out. I'm still getting use to how much lighter it is but other than that I'm pretty satisfied with the end result.

(right) Before (left) After

If you live in the San Diego area check out Spallon for yourself.


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