Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Anniversary Dinner - TAKAMI

Yesterday Brian and I celebrated our two year anniversary. Brian surprised me with reservations to Takami. It's a sushi restaurant/lounge located in downtown Los Angeles. It's on the 21st floor of a building that's located in the financial district with a great view and really delicious food. It was also the first time that I missed watching a Bears game this year... luckily they were airing the game at the bar. Brian could see the reflection of the TV airing the game from the glass window. I had him give me updates whenever the Bears scored... I also got up a couple times during dinner to take a sneak peak at the bar. I'm like one of those husbands who are constantly checking their phones for football updates. Not proud of myself but the first step is admitting it. I'm very lucky to have a boyfriend that understands my Chicago Bears obsession. I got to say my man looked very handsome last night. I guess I'm one lucky girl for more than just one reason. Below are pics from our romantic night out.

Outfit Details:
  • Jacket: Forever 21
  • Top: Foreign Exchange
  • Necklace: ASOS
  • Colorful Bracelet: Homemade by ME!
  • Gold Bracelet: Forever 21
  • Skirt: H&M
  • Clutch: Gift/Anthropologie
  • Shoes: Cathy Jean


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